Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Last Blog Post….!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started on a nice day, until the 20 June 2013 as a family we had a lovely life. On the 7 August 2013 it came to an end. Although my lovely brother Prashant(Shailesh) Age 24 accident death was a surprise and shock to us after 47 day’s fighting soul.

Incident was happened on 20 June 2013 at 8:30 PM, Me and my brother traveling from Talegaon dabhade To chakan highway. After 4,5 KM from Talegaon dabhade we park our bike and we both stood on left side of the road, Me and my brother standing face to face to each other having chat with each other. Suddenly from Talegaon dabhade one four wheeler car may be by means of driver fault approached our side and my brother was hit by a speeding four wheeler roughly doing 80/90 mph, this happened in few second with huge sound. I couldn’t see brother in front of me, he was thrown away from me and landed on the car bonnet and slid onto the bonnet before landing on the road after taking 9-10 meters from me with good force. I quickly rush towards his end, till I reach at that place driver ran away with his four wheeler car. Because of Absence of light & night time I could not see the number of four wheeler.

My brother suffered a substantial head Injuries and broken on left arm. I desperately in need of assistance, but nobody stopped to help. I were shouting for help but no one stopped or came to our rescue. Passersby and several cars did stop to catch a glance but no one seemed to be bothered. After few minute one of the Passersby help me, with his car. I can’t hold back my tears, this whole intense thing happened right in front of my eyes within few second…..…….. ….!!!!!!!!! It has been really tough for me to explore into these experiences.

My brother was on ventilator for a week in hospital ICU. The doctors did not give us much hope. We stayed with him 24/7 at the hospital taking about different miracles happened in the past and encouraging our self. We have seen many miracles of God with lots of people and believe we will see one more miracles here to make my brother healthy again to play with my daughter. After 10 day’s doctors remove his ventilator and we have some hopes about his recovery. Now, 23 days later first time his right eyes are open but the doctors were unable to determine the MRI results due to the continued swelling. He has no other responses or movements right now and any blinking has been called nothing but a "reflex".
The doctors have talked to my parents and relatives about their options and I am afraid that we were losing our hope. The doctors believe his brain injury is very severe and that he may not progress from his current state.

As frustrating as this is I still continue to pray and hope that things will improve but it is hard to see my Mom, Dad, Sisters falling apart over this. I don't know what to say or do to encourage her but I know I don't want to lose my brother...!!!! But On the 7 August 2013 at 11:45 PM it came to an end.

It has been really hard for me to delve into these experiences which I would prefer to put behind me on those 47 days.

Life will never be the same but we have to keep going. Now we started again from way long back. In my native place, we shifted to rented house taking my brother sweet memories. We have had massive support from his friends, relatives & people form my native place they have all been a big comfort to us.

Prashant(Shailesh), our loving brother from my family, we will always love you. Please God, look after him for us.