Friday, April 8, 2011

What is named query in SSAS & how we create in SSAS?

A named query in SSAS is a SQL expression represented as a table. The user can define a SQL expression in a named query to select rows and columns that are returned from one or more tables.

A named query is like any other table in a data source view with rows and relationships, except that it is based on an expression and extend the relational schema of existing tables in a data source view without modifying the underlying data source.

Named queries can be used in series to split up a complex dimension table into smaller, simpler dimension tables for use in database dimensions.

Use Below steps to create named Queries.

1. Double-click the Bedrooms Named Calculation in the Customers table to open the Named Calculation dialog and copy the SQL text.
2. Right-click in the DSV Designer, and select New Named Query.

3. Enter the query name Homeowners, and optionally enter a description.
4. Click the Add Table button, select the Customers table, and close the Add Table dialog box.

5. Select the * (All Customers) check box on the Customers table.

Posted by - SUHAS R. KUDEKAR (MCTS - Microsoft Business Intelligence)
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