Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'SQL Server Denali' No More: SQL Server 2012 Announced.

Wish you Happy Diwali and New Year to all of my friends & there family.

Now some important announced of SQL Server.

Microsoft VP Ted Kummert announced the official name of the next version of the SQL Server – SQL Server 2012. The version of the SQL Server will be 11. The release date is estimated in the first half of the year 2012.

Microsoft also announced that the new BI self-service reporting tool, codename “Crescent”, (Get more details of Crescent in my previous blog post) will be given the official name Power View. Power View (Crescent) is a highly interactive data exploration tool and a preview is already available with the CTP3 of Denali.

SQL Server 2012 Power View (Crescent) is one of the new tools that will be released with the next version of SQL Server. Currently it is available in the SQL Server Denali CTP, the beta version of the next SQL Server, SQL Server 2012.

The business user will start the application by opening an existing Crescent report or choosing a BISM – Business Intelligence Semantic Model (Get more details of BISM in my previous blog post) to start from. This BI Semantic Model is also a new feature in the Denali release. As the name says, it is a semantic model/layer on top of your data warehouse. Using this model abstracts the data warehouse complexity for a business user, and enables him/her to create reports with Crescent.

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