Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Show a List/Table/Tablix/Matrix with 5 rows data on each page in report.

what i have to do here is i have to give a page break after every 5 rows and rest of rows should be in other pages.

To display 5 rows one page I suggest that you could use List/Table/Tablix/Matrix to achieve your target.Generally speaking, we could use List to fix the number of rows that show on a page

Please refer to the following steps for your reference.

1. Insert a List/Table/Tablix/Matrix to your design surface.
2. Select the List/Table/Tablix/Matrix, right-click the Details in the Row Groups which is located on the left bottom.

3. Select Group Properties, click “fx” button at the right of the “Group on” label.

4. Type in the expression : = Ceiling(Rownumber(nothing)/5) 
Note: 5 is a number of rows that you want to display on a page, you could define it by your requirement.
5. Add a page break to the table inside the list.

Posted by - SUHAS R. KUDEKAR (MCTS - Microsoft Business Intelligence)
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